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Domestic Services


Delivery of time sensitive documents and parcels within UNITED KINGDOM

This product is fast and time bound. it enables your documents and parcels reach the target destinations within major and commercial cities in UNITED KINGDOM in less than 24hours



Time sensitive documents and parcels originating and terminating within UNITED KINGDOM cities

Fast and efficient mails and parcels deliveries within Cities. It is characterized with speed, security, safety and proof of delivery.



Delivery of parcels, products, machineries, and other heavy weight items from 50kgs and above within UNITED KINGDOM

It is cost efficient with 24 to 48 hours transit time to major cities in UNITED KINGDOM. This is a great option for delivery of sensitive products such as Pharmaceuticals and other merchandise.


Custom Business Solutions

Every business has different supply chain challenges; which means that standard solutions are rarely effective.

Our experience in creating “complete” logistics systems gives us considerable flexibility in how we work with you. Whether we focus on your entire supply chain or smaller elements within it, we can add measurable efficiency and cost savings to your business processes.
We’ll address material supply, line replenishment, distribution, packaging and final product delivery. By considering your entire supply chain, we are able to provide specific, customized business solutions for large-scale production operations.

Inbound Solutions

We perform a detailed analysis of the specific process and requirements of your industry. Our evaluation will include material supply scenarios, lead times, delivery demands and cost efficiency for each part of the journey. And our solutions will add precision, reliability and savings to your business process.



International Services

Express delivery of time sensitive documents and parcels globally. Time in transit is usually between 24 to 72 hours. Consignments up to 500kg. Optional insurance for all types of shipments

Economical, day-definite delivery for less urgent parcels and freight. Pick-up today before end of business delivery to any country in the world within 5 -7 working days. Consignments up to 7,000kgs in Europe and 500kg worldwide, optional insurance


Ideal for larger shipments, we work with the best airlines in the world to guarantee you safe and quick delivery, with full tracking visibility, customs clearance, expert handling of shipping and regulatory paperwork. Our air freight service is second to none.

We use the International network partners to collect shipments from over 230 countries worldwide door-to-door. This can be done via express, economy express or airfreight services based on the weight restrictions and cost. It reduces down time equipment, gives you the option of payments by receiver at the point of delivery, and less dependent on foreign partners

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