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We are a Logistics & Distribution Services Company

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Logistic Services

We offer a wide range of logistics outsourcing services that extend far beyond the realm of traditional freight moves. Whether you just need a little .


We take pride in catering to a broad range of clientele throughout the country with our warehousing services, which is comprehensive and reliable

Security Service

We provide logistic services in the nation, whether it is freight transportation, supply chain solutions, warehousing and security.

Ground Shipping

The more that blockchain becomes understood, the more conceptually, at least, it fits hand in glove with international logistics.


Our experience in creating “complete” logistics systems gives us considerable flexibility in how we work with you. Whether we focus on your entire supply chain or smaller elements within it, we can add measurable efficiency and cost savings to your business processes.


You have nothing to worry about. We constantly monitor each shipment, so if it’s not delivered within 25 working days, you’re eligible for an instant re-ship or a full refund



With experienced skilled personnel, we have excellent competencies in striving sectors such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Government Agencies, Tea industry and Apparel industry.


We are leading worldwide provider of transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, global logistics and supply chain solutions. Consistently recognized as a fast-growing transportation and logistics company, a great supply chain partner, a top freight broker, a leading project cargo manager, and a great place to work. With a strong passion for excellence.

We provide logistic services in the nation, whether it is freight transportation, supply chain solutions, warehousing and distribution, customer resource area services, customs, security and insurance, temperature controlled logistics, industry sector solutions, brokerage, or lead logistic based solutions. Our company has through years of experience in this industry has been able to create a network of associates across the length and breadth of country, with our own logistic centers spread throughout the country, which helps us to provide safe, reliable, economical and customized logistic solutions to our clients and partners.





We have been doing Delivery Service for multiple years and I can say I haven’t been disappointed. Using the online order system is fast and easy. Fast service and professionalism is what you can expect from their staff.


“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are. The online tracker make it easy for us to track packages, see delivery times and obtain proof of delivery if needed. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone

Andrew M. Lanter

Fastlink Cargo Delivery has been amazing for the growth of our business from start to finish. They walked us through all our shipping options with clarity and 100% transparency. Customer service and availability is superb.”


Elizabeth Pineda

My experience with The Fastlink Cargo Delivery has been of good service and compliance. They are always checking status and following up all our shipments. Customs clearance is on time and we never have to rush. Thank you!“


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Fastlink Cargo Delivery

Join thousands of businesses making the right shipping decisions with our all-in-one intelligent freight platform. We help you transport freight faster, cheaper, safer, and easier, so you can stay focused on your business.

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